Pie-chart showing breakdown of expenditure on services for children and young people

Note: gross figures ie before deducting income we get from services we provide to people and other organisations

  • Protect spend on schools and deliver a first class education service
  • Strengthen support for vulnerable children and their families
  • Focus on earlier intervention and prevention to provide support to young people and families to prevent problems in the longer term
    • every £1 invested in an under 5 year old saves £7 in the future
  • Up to 2019 expected 20% rise in number of children going to our primary schools
  • Increase in the number and needs of children with learning and physical disabilities and of looked after children
  • Costs of looking after a young person in a children's home is around £100,000 per year - cost for a council foster carer to look after a young person is around £26,000 a year
  • Pressure to manage our services differently – we've less money
  • Be more efficient in delivering our services and increase income
  • Think more radically about how and what services we deliver. Proposals include:
    • sharing a school librarian between two schools
    • joint management of some nurseries and primary schools
    • reduce management and support costs
  • Increase early support to reduce costs later
  • Increase funding to meet the growing number of children in schools and looked after by the Council
  • Spend over £8.6 million between 2012 to 2015 on providing earlier support for children and families, helping prevent problems later in life, especially for vulnerable children
  • Increase nursery hours for all pre-school children from 475 to 600 hours from August 2014
  • Invest in new, redeveloped and extended schools, for example:
    • a new nursery at Wardie Primary
    • replace nursery at Duddingston Primary
    • new hall for Blackhall Primary
    • funding towards a new Castlebrae High
    • replacement for St Crispin's Special School

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  • Reduce management costs and make efficiencies in support services
  • Review services to increase income
  • Increase support for children and young people looked after at home to reduce the need for children to be in residential care
  • Review services to make savings while trying to protect service delivery eg early years, additional support needs, community centres, schools

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