• Our income isn't increasing
Graph of projected income and expenditure from 2013-2018

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  • Services are costing us more to deliver
  • Edinburgh's population is increasing and changing
  • There's more demand on some of our services
  • The recession also increases benefits claims and the need for advice about money
  • We're planning ahead by identifying £38 million over four years to spend on services to meet the needs of our changing population

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We're addressing these changes in our budget proposals for 2014/15 by:

  • saving money by delivering services differently
  • being more efficient in how we buy goods and services
  • making better use of our buildings, land and vehicles
  • investing in key services to meet the needs of our residents
  • increasing income
  • proposing to reduce the cost of running the Council by around £1.2 million
  • By investing in some areas we can improve our service and save money
  • How? Using new technology, helping deliver more efficient frontline services and investing £7 million in transforming services, making us more efficient and delivering more services online

What it costs to provide a service:

Diagram explaining costs per transaction - online: 39p per transaction, face to face: £8.23 per transaction, by telephone: £3.21 per transaction

Source: SOCITM 2010

Delivering services differently

  • We're focusing on prevention and early intervention
    • eg changing our services for the very young and older people, helping people to stay in their own homes, letting people choose their own care
  • Managing services differently
    • eg recruiting our own foster carers, buying goods and services more efficiently, working smarter and making best use of our staff
  • Getting the most out of where we spend money
    • eg working with external partners who provide services on our behalf to make sure we get best value