Pie-chart showing breakdown of expenditure on services

Note: gross figures ie before deducting income we get from services we provide to people and other organisations

  • Making more efficient use of the money we spend
  • Increasing income from our venues and other services
  • Investing in Edinburgh's cultural and sporting future
  • Reviewing how we're funding Edinburgh Leisure to make sure we get best value
  • Look at how we meet the changing needs and priorities of our customers
  • Working with external partners who can provide services on our behalf
  • New cultural and sport programmes focused on the needs of children, young and older people and those in greatest need
  • Developing effective partnerships to make best use of our facilities and reduce costs
  • Increase income from our arts venues: Usher Hall, Assembly Rooms and museums
  • Charge external clients for some services such as public safety advice
  • Review the funding model for Edinburgh Leisure while increasing community access to all council sports and leisure facilities