• The amount of money we get from Government to pay for services is not increasing
  • Council tax has not increased for six years
  • The demand on our services is increasing
  • We must fulfil our legal responsibilities on Equality and Carbon, Climate and Sustainability. This often means we need to invest in some services and new ways of working

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Where the money comes from 2013/14

Pie-chart showing breakdown of expenditure on services

£796 million of this funding is spent directly on services.

Note: The remaining £140 million is spent on other operational costs such as loan charges to support our spending on, for example, schools and roads.

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Pie-chart showing breakdown of expenditure on services

Note: net figures ie after deducting income we get from services we provide to people and other organisations

  • We've saved almost £175 million since 2006/07
  • We need to save £36 million in 2014/15 and £120 million by 2017/18
  • This year, we will spend £936 million on providing services to the city
  • The savings we need to make in 2014/15 are less than 4% of the money we have to spend
  • 97% of residents are satisfied with Edinburgh as a place to live, an increase each year since 2010
  • Satisfaction with how the Council is managing the city has increased from 35% in 2009 to 72% in 2012
    • But we know some people believe we could spend differently and want to know more about how we spend money
  • 86% of residents are satisfied with the way the Council is managing neighbourhoods
    • But we know some people believe the Council “could do more”, “clean up areas” and “improve roads/maintenance/repairs”

Source: Edinburgh Peoples Survey

  • More people are coming to live in the city than leaving
  • More births than deaths - better health care means people are living longer but often need more support
  • More demand for our services:
    • we need to spend more on schools and providing care and support for older people
    • more vulnerable children and their families needing support
  • Services are costing us more and the Council's income isn't increasing

More people coming to Edinburgh is great news so the Council needs to adapt.